Pop up window ads coming up - but popup blocker on

  PC_HelpMe 09:41 26 Mar 2010

Hi everyone,

I've just downloaded the latest version of Firefox but for some reason every so often, new windows are popping up with ads on them yet as far as I can see my settings should be preventing this from happening? Could I have a virus?

  Technotiger 09:45 26 Mar 2010

If Firefox is the only thing affected, I doubt if you have a virus, but for your own peace of mind you should run your anti-everything programs just to make sure.

You could install Adblock Plus and Ghostery, both of which are Firefox add-ons.

  Batch 16:11 26 Mar 2010

AFAIK there are at least two Javascript methods that could be creating what you perceive as a popup.

The first is genuinely a popup (and popup blockers should be reasonably effective in blocking these).

The second is the creation of a new window (e.g. a new instance of your browser). I'm not so sure that popup blockers are effective on these and maybe this is what you are seeing as popups.

  PC_HelpMe 09:01 28 Mar 2010


The window that comes up says at the top "Ad served by Dymanet" - does that help?

  PC_HelpMe 09:08 28 Mar 2010

Hi - I have also just noticed that when I put something in the address bar now - rather than a Google search be done - the search is now done via "Dymasearch" - how do I get rid of these "Dyma" things?

  Im a diddy 09:15 28 Mar 2010

Looks like your infected with malware.

  birdface 09:18 28 Mar 2010

click here

update and run the free version.

And install ad-blocker plus like Technotiger said.

  PC_HelpMe 11:21 01 Apr 2010

Hi folks me again.

Well, I've ran about 4 spyware programmes and got rid of a few spyware cookie things - but I'm still getting the window popping up saying "Ad served by Dymanet" and within that window are then adverts. I am also still getting "Dymasearch" doing any searches of things I am entering in the address bar at the top of the page (only when I use Firefox). Anybody any more ideas as to how I can get rid of this Dyma nonsense?

  birdface 11:31 01 Apr 2010

This from another forum not sure if it helps but worth a try.

The easiest way is to go to Start then run type in regedit. Once there go to edit and then select find. Type in dymanet and when it locates it just note that it is high lighted. Just right mouse click on it and delete it. Problem solved.

  Ibanez2010 11:38 01 Apr 2010

I won't be touching ghostery with a barge pole after reading the comments on the firefox addons website.

  Sea Urchin 11:39 01 Apr 2010

BUT back up your registry before doing that

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