pop up videos bottom right of screen

  Sapins 15:17 01 Mar 2018

How do I stop these videos

  bremner 15:30 01 Mar 2018
  Aitchbee 17:15 01 Mar 2018

Turn off Javascript in your browser if you just want to look at the forums.

Turn on Javascript when you want to post something on the forums. Then turn it off again immediately.

This 'clunky' method is now how I navigate this website.

I don't like it but it gives me some control on how my broadband is used/wasted.

  Govan1x 18:28 01 Mar 2018

Same subject in speakers corner so maybe have a look at that one.

Think they are getting a bit sensitive in the amount of complaints about it.

mrcalif speaks a lot of sense, a new kid on the block but knows more than most of us.

I would suggest you close the thread and just see if anything on the speakers corner post that helps.

It is basically getting to be a weekly occurrence of new threads with the same problem.

Basically they need the adds to keep the forum open. If we don't like it we can go elsewhere we have been told so we just have to carry on as best as we can.

  Govan1x 18:34 01 Mar 2018

Well you have to laugh as we thought we were the only ones having problems.

This one was posted in 2004

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