Pop-ups, which I can't stop what ever I've tried

  josie mayhem 22:03 05 Jan 2004

For just over a week now, evertime I log onto pca I get the same three pop-ups, one asking me to click o.k for access to a adult site/s. One advertising said adult site and another for a search site.

I've had several attemps at using both adware6 (newest version) and spybot search and distroy, but these still don't stop them. I've even tried restore with out effect.

I've even added web-wripe, but nothing seems to shift or stop it.

I did think about going into the registry and seeing if I could delete from here. But I am not that happy about running around in this part of my computer, as I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for?

Or is it better just to go the whole hog and reformatted and reinstall xp?

If it was only me using the computer, I would just click them away, but having children, who aren't amused about being banned from the net, well I've got to trie something.

  Djohn 22:14 05 Jan 2004

If it's these type of pop-up's then follow the instructions to disable the messenger system. click here

  ianeon 22:14 05 Jan 2004

Why not install the Google toolbar that stops most pop-ups. Then you could install "Pow" from Analogx which allows you to stop pop-ups. You could also look for the name of the pop-ups in "search for files and folders" and delete them from there. Hope this helps

  Sheila-214876 22:18 05 Jan 2004

Yes, the Google toolbar has stopped over a 1000 popups on my computer. I reset it when it gets to about 800. The only thing is you need to have IE and OE 6 to use it.

  cyberphobic 22:51 05 Jan 2004

Have you checked your history folder to see if it is the same programmes which reappear and cause this problem? I had similar problems with 2 programmes called nitrous exitfuel amd adserv internet fuel. They are spyware programmes, but neither Ad-aware or Spy-bot ever detected them, they take over the screen and throw up porn links. Eventually I got rid of them by amending the hosts file which is easy to do click here

  josie mayhem 22:54 05 Jan 2004

Djohn, sadly no it isn't those type of pop-ups, it's comes from microsoft explorer, tried to find addresses but only got one, and thats it, but disabled it anyway.

ianeon, I've tried your suggestion, but no it didn't work, it would only show that pca window was open, even though the others were open, but shall keep it on any way.

ennuye, I've now loaded this up (did have it before and forgot all about it)haven't recieved any pop-ups yet at all!

So here's hoping that I've solved my problem.

  curlylad 00:11 06 Jan 2004

I know that this has been resolved , however, in future if you have a similar problem and you have the offending IP address you can find out exactly who/where it's being sent from.Type the address into the 'SmartWhois' box and click go at this link
click here

  josie mayhem 11:04 06 Jan 2004

thanks for that, I've checked out the ip address and guess what?

It was a american company. Which I knew that it properly would be.

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