pop ups-how do I delete?

  oxparks 16:31 02 Feb 2010

Hi everyone,

I have two extremely irritating pop ups. One is, I think, Microsoft and it asks if I want to connect to internet and if so how. I have mobile broadband so it is irrelevant. And even if I didn't like when I am using wifi in a cafe i don't need the pop up. How to delete?I have tried going into properties and everything else I can think of!

The second is from RegCure. I installed this a few weeks back thinking I needed it. I don't. I uninstalled. Yet everytime I log on this pop up appears in bottom right corner and repeatedly comes back asking me if I want to register or remind me later. I doesn't of course give me an option to say I do not want to register or be reminded later!

Thanks for all suggestions.

  rawprawn 16:36 02 Feb 2010

Reinstall Regcure, then download Revo Uninstaller and uninstall regcure using Revo in Advanced Mode,
click here
Sorry can't help with the mobile BB

  Sea Urchin 21:35 02 Feb 2010

Try going to Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections tab and check beside "Never dial a connection" - click Apply and OK. You can also reach Internet Options in Internet Explorer - Tools menu.

  Technotiger 22:10 02 Feb 2010

During the un-install process you may be asked if you want to re-start your computer, DO NOT re-start at this point, let Revo continue. You will eventually get the option to Select All and to Delete - DO SO. You may be given the same options a second time, again DO SO, do not be picky, just accept all that Revo chooses.
After clicking on Finish, re-start your computer.

  oxparks 00:04 03 Feb 2010

thanks rawprawn, sea urchin and technotiger!I have done the mobile BB connection solution and now wait to see if when restart it is cured.

Re Regcure, Rawprawn you mention revo uninstaller which I had already downloaded sometime ago. But when I open it I don't see an advanced mode option? ( I don't have Revo uninstaller professional coz that is not free)

when I click on Revo uninstaller under progs it lists revo uninstaller, run hunter mode, uninstall. Not sure what to do so haven't reinstalled regcure yet until am sure of how to get rid of it.


  rdave13 00:14 03 Feb 2010

As you've uninstalled RegCure it wont be listed in Revo. So as rawprawn suggests, download and re-install RegCure. Once installed open Revo and regcure should be in the program list. Click on it and select uninstall.
rawprawn suggests for you to then select the advanced mode. Follow instructions to delete completely.
Remember Technotiger's post stating that once Regcure's own uninstaller is run through Revo, if it asks to reboot then decline, and carry on.

  oxparks 09:50 03 Feb 2010

thanks rdave13, have just done that and now will restart and hope finally all traces of Regcure are gone. Will send update. Thanks!!

  oxparks 22:52 03 Feb 2010

Success!! Thanks v much to raw prawn, sea urchin, technotiger and rdave 13. Both pop up probs solved!!

To round off, Regcure said it had identified zillions of errors(1000+). I don't know if this is important or not? I didn't want to pay for Regcure. A) should I be worried about the errors detected B)is there a free way to get rid of them?

  birdface 23:02 03 Feb 2010

This one is free.It may ask you to donate.But just download it see if there is any updates and then run it.

click here

  Sea Urchin 23:14 03 Feb 2010

"A) should I be worried about the errors detected"

No - it's part of a ploy to get you to buy the program - you're well rid of it.

  johnincrete 15:51 04 Feb 2010

If the prog claims to have found problems just so you buy it, is this not fraud?
Is there any organisation this can be referred to?

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