pop ups any suggestions?

  santamonica 01:13 14 Nov 2003

hi anybody got any good solutions on how to get rid of pop ups,ive got stop-the-pop-up downloaded.But each time it kills one you get a window appearin and it can often bring you out of a game

  hugh-265156 01:16 14 Nov 2003

close the browser when playing games

install google toolbar click here

try a firewall with a pop up stopper built in click here (free version)

  hugh-265156 01:22 14 Nov 2003


if they are messenger service pop ups click here

or disable it manually in control panel/administrative tools/services

scroll down to messenger and double click it

set to disable from the list of start up types in the drop down box.

  santamonica 01:30 14 Nov 2003

thanks so far HUGGYG71 ive got the google toolbar now and am currently using ZONE ALARM has that a pop-up stopper built in do you know?
Have to admit i dont know what you mean by messenger service pop-ups

  hugh-265156 01:36 14 Nov 2003

do they look like click here

  santamonica 01:41 14 Nov 2003

no they seem to be a window that is more system related no actual advertisment

  hugh-265156 01:48 14 Nov 2003

what do they say?

  santamonica 01:53 14 Nov 2003

they keep poppin up now but then they dissapear somthing about files and pages no longer available,close this link ,when the games on they stay on screen and you have a choice of 2 buttons ......sorry pretty vague i know!!

  hugh-265156 01:58 14 Nov 2003

not sure

"page no longer available" if you click on a link means just that if you are browsing the web.

from within a game,did you click a help file etc?

what is the game?

  rent-a-cop 02:00 14 Nov 2003

Try slimbrowser, can be download from download.com it's based on ie so the adjustment is minimal and it's got a built in pop up blocker.

  santamonica 02:01 14 Nov 2003

2 games one from disc rollcage 2 the other medal of honour online multiplayer this only happens when stop-the-pop-up is activated

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