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Pop ups, Ads really annoying in Chrome

  Daisy22 12:35 02 Feb 2015

I keep getting Avast telling me malicious software detected with the message URL:MAL. Every time I am trying to browse even when I looked at this site. in Chrome I always get pop ups and ads and it's beginning to be really annoying. I haven't been looking at anything dodgy just normal browsing like the weather, banking etc.

It's not as bad in Firefox, although still happens, but I do prefer to use chrome.

I've run Avast virus scan several times, I've also tried spybot (didn't detect anything), crap cleaner, Malware bytes, Ad adaware and Hitman Pro. Although some trojans were detected in some of the programmes, it hasn't helped the problem.

I've tried to add Simple Ads extension from the chrome store but each time I get "an error has occurred, network failed".

Can anyone help please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:40 02 Feb 2015

Adblock plus and Ghostery add ons will stop most things

Ghostery has stop the annoying page slippage due to the adverts at the top of the screen

  Daisy22 13:19 02 Feb 2015

Tried to add that extension from the link you gave but again got the message

"An error has occurred Network Failed"

for some reason I can't add any extensions to chrome for the above error

Should I uninstall google chrome and reinstall it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:56 02 Feb 2015

Research seems to suggest reinstalling Chrome will solve the An error has occurred Network Failed problem.

  mole1944 05:33 03 Feb 2015

I use adblock in chrome and it works a treat.

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