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  applecroc 20:30 11 Mar 2003

we have recently got a new pc with windows xp. I wonder if anyone could tell mr how to rid of a pop up that keeps coming up numerous times a day. It is coming up as windows messenger but we don't use this. It is really irritating and I can't get rid of it.Any help welcome.

  MAJ 20:35 11 Mar 2003

You need to disable the Messenger serivice in XP. Instructions at this link. click here

  clayton 22:36 11 Mar 2003

Pick on of the free ones from here click here+

  MAJ 00:25 12 Mar 2003

I don't think a popup stopper works too well on Messenger Service popups, clayton.

  clayton 00:37 12 Mar 2003

very true maj, would xp-antspy help ???

  MAJ 00:44 12 Mar 2003

I honestly don't know, clayton, the antispy I used, many moons ago just stopped, or claimed to stop, XP 'phoning home. Stopping the Messenger Service from running on XP is all I ever used to stop the Messenger Service popups. That was about a year ago nad I've never had one (touch wood).

  MAJ 00:50 12 Mar 2003

Just found this, clayton.

"XP Anti-Spy | A small utility that allows you to remove or disable several of the more annoying "features" of Windows XP. For instance, automatic downloading of Windows updates, the Windows Media Player tracking ID, and Microsoft Messenger can be disabled"

The "Microsoft Messenger" they mention is not the same as the Messenger Service, I think they're talking about Windows Messenger, there.

  €dstow 06:22 12 Mar 2003
  Goldcroft 08:16 12 Mar 2003

MAJ's click is the one to go for. He suggested it to me when I had similar problems and t worked.

  Andsome 10:29 12 Mar 2003

Funny, with 98SE I had pop ups happening all over the place. Now, with XP, I have yet to see a pop up.

  Goldcroft 11:19 12 Mar 2003

I'm on XP and I have before using MAJ's solution.

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