Pop Ups

  Big Trev 22:40 01 Oct 2006

All of a sudden I am plagued by pop ups! Every time I open a new web page another page encouraging me to use nicotine patches or consolidate my debts appears.
My pop up blocker is on, my Norton security package is set up properly. Does anybody have any idea why this has started happening?


  sean-278262 00:38 02 Oct 2006

Is this happening on every site or just a select few? Do you have spyware software up to date and recently run and the same for a full AV scan. Just having these things is not enough. They should be run at least every 2 weeks.

  Big Trev 07:33 02 Oct 2006

Seems to be every site and my spyware software is run at least once a week.

  terryf 07:52 02 Oct 2006

use firefox and adblock extension

  VoG II 08:39 02 Oct 2006

Download Ewido Anti-Malware trial version click here

After it's downloaded and installed, it should automatically update itself; however, if it doesn't, you should do it manually. Close ALL open Windows / Programs / Folders. Start Ewido and run a full scan:-

Click on Scanner

Click on the Settings tab.

Under How to act?
Click on Recommended Action and choose Quarantine from the popup menu.

Under How to scan?
All checkboxes should be ticked.

Under Possibly unwanted software:
All checkboxes should be ticked.

Under Reports:
Select Automatically generate report after every scan and uncheck Only if threats were found.

Under What to scan?
Select Scan every file.

Click on the Scan tab.

Click on Complete System Scan to start the scan process.

Let the program scan the machine.

When the scan has finished:

Make sure that Set all elements to: shows Quarantine, if not click on the link and choose Quarantine from the popup menu.

At the bottom of the window click on the Apply all Actions button.

Right-click the Ewido Tray Icon and select Exit. Confirm by clicking Yes.

  Wak 09:10 02 Oct 2006

YOu could also try Popup Manager from click here
It's easy, FREE and it works for me.

  birdface 12:06 02 Oct 2006

If you are using Internet Explorer,Go into tools, make sure pop up blocker is switched to on.Go into pop up blocker settings,make sure that there is nothing on allowed site's.Go down to bottom filter level and either stay at medium or set it to high settings, See if that helps.

  Big Trev 18:05 04 Oct 2006

I've done all of the above and my pop up problem remains.
Any other ideas folks?

  birdface 12:52 06 Oct 2006

If I remember right Norton has a tool in there package which you open on the page where you are having the problems,You click on to the pop up and drag it into the box, And any pop ups from that site would be stopped, But cannot remember if it was Norton Security 2005 or 2006,Probably not a great help to you, But all I can think of,

  Splooshy 21:15 06 Oct 2006

click here

I use this for any popups that get past my 2 browser popup blockers and it's excellent! Really easy to use aswell. It sits in your tray, and if you get a popup just double click it and it shows what you've got open at the minute. You just click the popup title and *add to targets*, job done! that one won't bother you again :)

Hope this helps Big Trev :)

  Big Trev 11:43 07 Oct 2006

Just installed No Ads and it isn't even recognising the pop-up is there.
This is driving me mad! I've picked up a nasty somewhere, and none of my security software can sse it.

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