Pop Ups

  bigtel65 10:24 28 Sep 2003

Can anybody please tell me how to disable Pop Ups i am using windows ME

  MAJ 10:30 28 Sep 2003

Which Popups are you getting, bigtel65? You could use a popup stopper like that supplied free from PanicWare click here or if you install the Google toolbar, it will stop popups for you click here

  TommyRed 11:10 28 Sep 2003

bigtel65, I use the google toolbar, haven't had a pop-up in ages, plus you don't have to have the toolbar in view for it to work, if you do it's useful and best of all it's free. HTH TR

  bigtel65 11:31 28 Sep 2003

Thank you for your help BigTel

  spuds 13:42 28 Sep 2003

The Google toolbar is one of the best and most efficient stoppers.Even keeps score for you. Only problem, is that it takes a little bit more space off your computer monitor screen.Go for it, and try it out, you should be well satisfied.

  Baslla321 14:25 28 Sep 2003

I downloaded Google Toolbar and installed it and then Internet Explorer 6.0 would not load. It goes half way and stops. I uninstalled it after some time and still I got the same result.Anyway after switching off and having lunch, I returned and all was OK (of course without Google!!).

  1jacks64 14:45 28 Sep 2003

The problem with pop-up stoppers you can download from the interent are that they cause some windows that you do want not to be displayed. I have noticed this when logging onto internet banking for example.

I say I want to log on and the screen where you enter your passwords does not appear but when I disable the pop-up stopper it does appear.

I have recently been having pop-ups titled Save! and Third Party Advertisement that seem to have got into my system memory and automatically appear whn viewing certain web pages. I have been to add/remove programs but do not seem to be able to find it. I can only think it must be on my system as some other name.

Any tips to solve this would be most gratefully received.

  MAJ 14:51 28 Sep 2003

Baslla321 and 1jacks64, it would be better to start new threads on your respective problems. As this thread has been resolved to bigtel65's satisfaction very few will read it any further and hence your problems wont get the attention they otherwise would if they were in their own threads.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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