pop up's....why?

  Chronos 20:10 13 Jul 2004

hi, on this XP pc i was, and still am, getting loads of pop ups, so i put in a pop up stopper, and it is telling me every couple of minutes that is has stopped one, what i would like to know, about time i hear you cry, what started them going on here in the first place, because the win98 desktop pc, which is left running day and night,does not get hardly any, and that has no pop up stopper.. thanks

  rawprawn 20:16 13 Jul 2004

Why don't you turn the alert off?

  Dorsai 20:17 13 Jul 2004


Loads of bods complain about endless reams of Spam that they get. some 100's a day. I would not know spam if it fell on me (coz i have never had a singe slice)

But it's nice toasted with marmite in a sarnie.

  Chronos 20:19 13 Jul 2004

dont laugh :-) i never thought of that :-( i have now turned it off.......thanks

  Dorsai 20:34 13 Jul 2004

So simple...

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