pop mail

  pcman13 05:47 01 Nov 2014

does any body know if uku.co.uk pop mail will or is working as a friend of mine still use's it and it says password incorrect but it its ok she can log into it on web mail but not pop mail ? thanks

  Batch 09:05 01 Nov 2014

It is not uncommon for logging in from your email client software (on your PC) to temporarily fail to succeed. If you leave it a day or two it usually resolves itself. This issue generally seems to be caused by server problems at the host's end and is nothing to worry about.

In the meantime just use webmail.

  pcman13 21:08 01 Nov 2014

thanks for that batch pop mail has been down for a week now will have to wait and see

  rdave13 21:21 01 Nov 2014

What email are you using?

  Forum Editor 23:15 01 Nov 2014

"pop mail has been down for a week now"

Then something is wrong. A POP mail server is a simple thing, and if you can't login then there's an error somewhere.

  Newuser4165 10:40 02 Nov 2014

You need to reset the pass word on the popmail server using webmail.Then reset the password for the email client you are using.

  pcman13 08:54 12 Nov 2014

Hi thanks for your advice I have rest password with no look so I will have to keep using web mail till pop mail starts working again

  alanrwood 10:24 12 Nov 2014

To be honest I would guess it is actually working and it is his setup that is wrong. Try and obtain the pop settings again from the server owner and reset the details in the email client. My guess is it is not the password that is wrong but the authentication method is incorrect. (Password, SSL/TLS or nothing).

  lotvic 11:35 12 Nov 2014

Having looked at the notice on the website click here I think it is time to find an alternative email as seems uku.co.uk is on way out.

  pcman13 09:27 20 Nov 2014

hi now even web mail has stopped . the log on page just comes up with error see link click here and i still can not find any contact details for them, i was in the process of changing to a new email address but had not finished so i hope it comes back on so i can complete it.

  pcman13 06:17 21 Nov 2014

hi web mail is now back working today

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