Pop-up Calender - ? available

  DocP 22:37 29 Jun 2004

I often need to check dates for the next week or so while using other applications.

Anyone know of a TSR or pop-up which I can invoke over anything else to give me a view of the current month?

What I don't want is the facility buried in another complex diary-type program with reminders and world time-zones - I just want something I can hang on the wall like the Pirelli calendar without the pictures.


PS - maybe I'd accept the pictures...

  Simsy 22:41 29 Jun 2004

click here

Good luck,



  PSF 22:43 29 Jun 2004

Just double click the clock in the system tray and a calender will appear. If you do check dates on it always click cancel after, if not your date will be wrong.

  SANTOS7 22:43 29 Jun 2004

click here hope this is what your looking for

  SANTOS7 22:44 29 Jun 2004

Oh well!!!

  Belatucadrus 22:53 29 Jun 2004
  Gemma 23:02 29 Jun 2004

I use TClockEx by Dale Nurden click here Doc P, the use of "TSR" can be so dating....

  DocP 00:10 30 Jun 2004

Thank you all - looked at them, and decided Tclock is just the ticket - no more and no less than is needed.

Gemma: 'TSR' is only Chapter One - if I mention dBase II, MSDOS, CPM, Apple ][, Radio Shack TRS 80 (still got the manual), 48k of memory, Visicalc and 6502 you'll realise why I'm divorced twice and saving my Green Shield Stamps for a decent Zimmer frame. WordStar still my favourite.

Anyone want a 5-platter 15-inch 'hard disc' pack which holds less than a megabyte...bring back Alan Turing


  daba 00:56 30 Jun 2004

Those were the days eh?

All those long, late hours trying to optimise your assembly language programs to fit in the available memory - Tweaking CP/M, including personalisations, altering disk sector skewing, moving CP/M (MOVCPM) and regenerating, etc etc.

I suspect the young 'uns today can just about remember what a 3.5" floppy looks like with its fancy slider-shutter door. But what about the 5.25" floppy in its paper envelope (uggh - all that friction on the disk surface, makes you cringe), and still further back, 8", yes EIGHT INCH, diameter floppies, so floppy they named floppies after them ........

And what about memory - how many today would believe that not that long ago memory was still using tiny ferrite rings (toroids) laced in an x-y electrical configuration so its magnetic sense could be 'flipped'.

Ahhh - memories indeed.

  Gemma 11:42 30 Jun 2004

but I need to change the hydraulic fluid in my chain printer and polish the sterling carry clips on my tabulator. And my RAMAC's 10 h.p. air compressor needs a new air filter and the punch's chip bin is full again. So much to do......

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