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  GeeKay+Dee 13:28 09 Jun 2007


Can anyone offer any advice on how to block pop ups from a site called CiD???

I currently have to add manually to my blocked list each site that they advertise.

Is there any way that I can block anything coming from this site?

I've got NTLGaurd running.


  [email protected] 14:07 09 Jun 2007

which browser are you using and have you run spyware scans?

  p;3 14:11 09 Jun 2007

what is your antivirus program and have you yet run each of these on full deep scans??
adaware, syybot, superantispyware and a2

click here

click here

click here

click here

you codul try and on line scan from trend too

click here

  Stuartli 14:12 09 Jun 2007

In Firefox, pop ups are blocked from Tools>Options>Content tab and in IE from Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab.

  [email protected] 14:12 09 Jun 2007

firefox install adblock plus add on click here
filterset g add on click here

ie7 install ie7pro
click here

click here
click here

  birdface 14:18 09 Jun 2007

Might find something here.click here

  Stuartli 14:23 09 Jun 2007

Firefox's standard pop up blocker works fine for me..:-)

  p;3 14:27 09 Jun 2007

need to exclude an infection first though?

  [email protected] 14:32 09 Jun 2007

agree with stuartli,ive never had a pop up using firefox which makes me think GeeKay+Dee must be using a different browser
as p;3 says rule out the infection first as a pop up blocker will be masking the issue i assume

  p;3 16:52 09 Jun 2007

as the comp has pop ups I am assuming it has gotten infected, unless proved other wise

google search for CiD produces this delight
click here

me thinks it may be one of them threads that needs a log checked
read this
click here
register here

click here

get a log from

click here

follow these instructions to

'to get HijackThis.
Save it to your desktop and then double-click to run it.
It will install the program in c:\program files\HijackThis.
Browse to that location with windows explorer, and double click on the HijackThis.exe program to run. Chose the 'Do a system scan and save a logfile'
That will allow you to save the log to the desktop (or some other place) and leave open a notepad file with the HijackThis log in it.

4. Post a HijackThis Log in the right place.
Now post your HijackThis log as a new topic - NOT as a reply to someone else's topic. Use this link if unsure. '

then when registered log in and post a new thread with the log and the basic probelm

click here

thsi link will only work if you ARE logged in there

also read this advise abotu bumping threads too

click here


suggest scan with the links of mine at Sat, 09/06/[email protected]:11

see how that lot goes;

  Aargh 17:02 09 Jun 2007

A lot of common malware programs won't detect the CiD parasite.

This fix got rid of CiD for me:

Download and run NoLop.exe from here
click here

Also, open Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs

Look for a program which looks like Windows Live! Messenger including CiD, then delete it.

AVG Spyware free also found files that Adaware/Spybot failed to locate.

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