Pop Up Blocker

  Birder 1 14:06 03 Feb 2006

How can i disable this please i may have more than one

  Press Man 14:22 03 Feb 2006

If you are referring to the Windows Pop-up Blocker, then open your web browser go to tools, > internet options > Privacy tab, untick "block pop ups".

  Birder 1 12:50 04 Feb 2006

Press man thanks but that didnt help would there be more pop up blockers on my computer, and if so where ?

  Press Man 12:59 04 Feb 2006

If you have the Google toolbar, there is a popup blocker there also.

  Freddog™ 13:07 04 Feb 2006

A lot of Pop-Up blockers temporary disable if you hold shift down while you open the Pop-Up.

  ade.h 17:59 04 Feb 2006

Many firewalls - such as kerio - have pop-up blocking, too. Check your settings for web filtering.

  Kate B 18:11 04 Feb 2006

If you're using IE, try switching to Firefox. It has a good pop-up blocker.

  Birder 1 18:58 04 Feb 2006

I am only having problems when i try and get into Lycos is there any other way of finding the pop up blocker so taht i can disable it

  ade.h 19:03 04 Feb 2006

If you think that you might have a pop-up blocker running but you're not sure, you'll have to check out the features of all your internet-related software: firewall, AV, anti-spyware (if it has active scanning), plugins, Google toolbar and XP's SP2 pop-up blocker. A lot of candidates.

Oh, and Kate's right; Firefox is so efficient that I have never, ever had an unwanted pop-up.

  Birder 1 19:12 04 Feb 2006

Thanks to all i wil try all these tomorrow

  Stuartli 19:28 04 Feb 2006

Further to ade.h's point about Firefox, with which I fully concur, is that it gives you the opportunity whether to open the pop up or not; this also applies to the e-mail partner, Thunderbird.

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