Pop ad hell...

  madzad 12:48 27 Oct 2004

I have posted in here a few weeks ago and on advice installed spybot and webroute pop up washer, as well as XP SP2 (which is a pain, as in it stops pop ups I want and not the ones I dont!).

Everytime now when log in I get this pop up which gets past all the pop stoppers and continues to do so every ten or so mins.

A friend of mine recons its something thats lodged itself in my reg files.. I have once messed with those and regretted it as I really messed up! I am running XP home with SP2 installed as well as the pop killers I have already mentioned..

If anyone has any great ideas please get tell me.

Thanks in advance

Steve UK

  Lionheart ? 13:04 27 Oct 2004

Could be Windows Messenger ( Not to be confused with MSN Messenger ) you could try this click here

  alan227 14:03 27 Oct 2004

What is the pop up?.

  madzad 16:40 27 Oct 2004

I have just run Webroute spy hunter and it reported 433 spies, but it picked up on the following after rebooting and fingers crossed it has killed them off completely :

VX2 (transponder)
RU4 cookie
twain tech

Having opened IE and logged in, I have seen no sign of the "falkag" and so on ads.

I shall keep this open until Ive had chance to give it a few days running.

Thanks to all repliers..

Steve UK

  ChrisRLG 16:55 27 Oct 2004

SpyHunter is by Enigma
Read this about them click here from Spyware Warriors Rogue Anti-Malware list

Webroot (notice spelling) click here has SpySweeper, on the 'good' list.

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