Poor wireless signal. Is the problem the broadband provider, the router or something else?

  [email protected] 13:07 25 Sep 2011

Hi, would like some advice re. how to get the best wireless signal in my house. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 desk top computer (Windows Vista) and my broadband provider is Talktalk - which is the cheapest for me. Talktalk have provided me with a D Link DSL 2680 router and I have just bought a D link Wierless N adaptor from them too - in the hope that my problem was the adaptor. However changing the adaptor has not made any difference! I live in a medium sized 3 bedroom 1920s house - so perhaps the walls are fairly thick. My problem is that unless I have the router within a couple of meters of the computer I get a really weak signal. I need to have the router and phone in the room next door to the room with my computer in - but currently can't do this because of the poor signal - so have wires draped along the floors from one room to the next (dangerous!). We also have a couple of laptops in the house - that the kids use upstairs without too much trouble. I don't think the thickness of the walls is the problem as even if I move the router into the doorway of the room with the computer in (so is about 3 m away) the signal is still very weak. Can you tell me what might be a solution to this problem? Changing Broadband provider, a different router, or just accept that wireless connection to my main desktop computer is never going to be very good and rearrange my wires permanently (ie drill holes to pass wires through walls)?? Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks ANgela

  mgmcc 13:49 25 Sep 2011

The first thing to try is probably to change the Channel number in the router's wireless settings. Most routers use 6 or 11 as their default channel so try one of these or, if already using one, try the other.

Is your desktop PC close to any large metal objects, such as a central heating radiator, that could be degrading the wireless signal? Is there a "cordless" phone beside the PC as this could also create a problem?

  [email protected] 15:01 25 Sep 2011

thanks for your reply. I have tried all the different channels and none make any difference. No PC not next to any metal objects. My phone (cordless) is next to pc - but don't think this is the problem - as when I moved router away into next room or into doorway of room where computer is (3m away from pc, the phone moved with the router - so was then well away from pc.

  Forum Editor 15:18 25 Sep 2011

It looks to me as if the problem lies with your PC's wireless adapter.

The children can use the laptops upstairs, so obviously the wireless signal is reaching that far.

  torroxtown 21:24 01 Oct 2011

Had a similar problem with my setup and solved it by purchasing a USB wireless adaptor which has a small antenna attached. This type provides good amplification of the received signal and should solve your problem. They are not expensive but not everybody stocks them-plenty on EBay or other sites.

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