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Poor wifi upstairs on desktop only

  aaron.boland 22:02 11 Feb 2014

Hi everyone,

Hoping you can help! I'm having some really frustrating problems with wifi on my desktop upstairs (my router is downstairs under the TV in the living room!).

I've only noticed this issue since I got the Virgin Media Superhub. I'm not trying to pin the blame on the Superhub, just to give as much background as possible!

I'm only getting about 2mb (with a fair wind!), but I can sit next to my computer, do a test with my phone and get 20mb+!

I lugged the desktop downstairs, sat it next to the router and got the full 30mb - same deal with my netbook and phone.

I tried changing the wifi dongle to see if that would help, but no dice. I'm really struggling to understand what's going on: the equipment is fine downstairs, and other equipment performs well right next to the ailing desktop! That's why I'm finding it difficult to blame the Superhub!

Should I try an 'expensive' wifi dongle, maybe with an aerial? Or just plonk for Powerline adapters?

Is there any chance this is a hardware issue? I noticed (particularly with the old dongle) that computer would struggle to get a signal at all and would constantly disconnect, forcing me to reboot several times.



  lotvic 22:58 11 Feb 2014

I'd get Powerline adapters. Lot less messing about.

  sharpamat 06:40 12 Feb 2014

If you open your settings n the super hub, Change from auto and select channel 7 then save and exit then recheck your speed

  onthelimit1 08:51 12 Feb 2014

Powerline homeplugs is the way I'd go. If the WiFi upstairs is OK for other devices, I'd go for a pair of wired TP-Link ones - cheap as chips

These are the ones I use.

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