poor sound when using tv on computer

  bamber 22:08 06 Aug 2005

Hi all, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

Having worked for about five years, the sound on my ATI ALL-IN-Wonder TV is now faulty. The volume is low, and if turned up to max it is still quiet but also distorted/interference.

Other programs (eg playing CD) works fine, which to me would suggest speakers & wiring etc are okay.

I have uninstalled ATI software, and reinstalled, but the problem remains.

Any ideas?


  Stuartli 23:42 06 Aug 2005

Have you ever had occasion to remove and then replace the card?

If not it could just be a case of the contacts requiring a clean.

Also try it in another slot either permanently or temporarily.

  bamber 20:38 09 Aug 2005

hi Stuart, just got this so sorry about late response.

I've never removed either graphics/tv card or sound card but will try soon, as installing new piece of hardware anyway.

Any idea why it only effects this program/function though?


  bamber 10:47 11 Aug 2005


yes, I had checkedthe volume on the tv tuner, but wil check the pthers as you suggest.

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