Poor quality print CanonIP 4000

  fullyfitted 20:48 22 Oct 2006

I’m having problems with a Canon IP 4000 which deep cleaning has failed to resolve so I’ve decided to give the print head a good clean following the instructions provided to Derek in a previous thread. in February
However I’ve two daft questions …. Having removed the cartridges can they be re-used and if so how do you stop them leaking?

  FatboySlim71 22:34 22 Oct 2006

I too had a Canon printer that had the same problem in fact my last two printers were Canons and both had this same fault, sorry I can't be much help but I too found that no matter how much I cleaned the print heads and changed the ink cartridges, I could not solve my printing problems, my problems were poor print quality and also the colours were not matching the screen image and this was down to a print head problem as the test pattern I printed out showed that one of the colours were not been printed correctly. You should be able to re insert the ink cartridges but if they are leaking then I would not advise putting them back in the printer. If your printing problems are like mine and believe me I tried EVERYTHING to sort it out but it made no difference, now I would avoid Canon printers like the plague, their printheads just don't seem to last, I now own an HP printer which I must say beats my Canon printer easily, granted the ink cartridges are expensive for HP printers but the printhead is built into the ink cartridge so this means that everytime you change the ink cartridge you are changing the printhead as well and this means that you are not throwing a printer away because the printhead has wore out.

  woodchip 22:49 22 Oct 2006

Sellotape invert quick dry and stick

  fullyfitted 23:26 22 Oct 2006

OK ,
I will give it a go tomorrow, watch this space.



  keef66 16:54 23 Oct 2006

we have an IP3000 which misbehaves in this way if either it isn't used for a while, or we ignore the low ink warning and a cartridge runs out. First time it happened it was under warranty and Canon replaced the print head. Now it's out of warranty I managed to get it going again last time by repeated printing of a very colour-dense image (I have an Excel sheet with variously coloured cells for the purpose)

  fullyfitted 17:22 23 Oct 2006

Thanks for the information. I've now managed to get all but the cyan printing properly by doing a repeat deep cleaning and leaving it untouched for a few hours,procedure recommended by Choice Stationery Supplies .

I'm going to try a cleaning cartridge next, replace the ink cartridge and then do what you recommended.

thanks again


  fullyfitted 19:29 31 Oct 2006

After a not very helpful dialogue with Canon I used a cleaning cartridge from click here

Immediate improvement , now getting acceptable results.

Thanks for the help

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