Poor Performance from 42" 1080p HDTV as Monitor

  hardsoft 14:35 14 Aug 2008

Hi all, I recently bought a 42" LCD HDTV and I am using it as my PC screen. My system includes a GF8800GT 512MB which is HDTV compliant with dual DVi outputs, which I have connected wia a DVI-HDMI cable to the HDMI socket(s) in the back of the TV.

However in Windows Vista 64, using the Nvidia control panel, when I set the TV to display a resolution of 1920x1080 using 1080p output, the quality of the picture is, for want of a better work, crap. Test is multi coloured and hazy, some text colours are virtually unreadable, and games run like an old Playstation 1 game in looks.

However if I set my desktop to 1280x800 it's much better. But the Nvidia control panel tells me I am using a non-HDTV output when selecting display type.

There is also an annoying clicking noise from the speakers of the TV while I am using a system conencted to my PC directly.

I have altered contrast levels, brightness, sharpness, gamma in the nvidia control panel etc etc. I am exhausted for ideas.


  hardsoft 14:37 14 Aug 2008

Thats TEXT is multi coloured btw.


  Ditch999 15:00 14 Aug 2008

Have a read at nvidia FAQs especially 2.6 click here

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