Poor MP3 recording

  swervy 20:24 27 Nov 2003

I have tried 'recording' [ripping] CDs to MP3 but have experienced problems.

Firstly when using Music Match Jukebox 4 which was bundled with my PC the MP3s seem to run at double speed - sounds more like pinkey and perky.

After becoming frustrated trying to work out what had changed in MusicMatch (it used to work fine and just recently started the speeding up thing) I thought I'd have a go at some freeware so I installed MP3 Workshop [click here].

Now MP3 Workshop got off to a good start - it was the correct speed! On the down side there appears to be lots of jumping, abrupt track endings and strange but very brief speeded up bits.

Can anyone either tell me what I'm doing wrong or point me at something that will do a better job.


  Mr_Nice_Guy 20:26 27 Nov 2003

search for quintessential music player, it rips mp3s also and is freeware, and it works well for me, also easy to use.

  [email protected] E 20:50 27 Nov 2003

Try a program called ALL SOUND RECORDER I use it to copy cassettes to MP3 format with ease its very easy to use.

I plug a stereo lead into the heaqdphone socket of the tape recorder and the other end into the microphone socket. The only down side is you arn't able to listen as the tracks are played but they can be edited afterwards. Using Goldwave, both are available as 30 day trials then you need to pay if you like them.

Can't remember the links but I founf them with Google.

[email protected] E

  Babou 22:18 27 Nov 2003

I'm using Roxio Easy CD Creator to rip my CD collection for use in a walkman-style CD mp3 player. But it seems to be leaving a "burp" of noise in between each track, as well as, most annoyingly, whenever a little silence falls in the middle of a track.

Does anyone know what causes this?

(I know Roxio's expensive -- £40 at Amazon -- but it's a great piece of software, easy to use and nice interface. Just this burping thing...)

  temp003 02:14 28 Nov 2003

It may not necessarily be an encoding problem, but just a playback problem. Try a different media player on your computer such as Windows Media player or Real to see if it makes any difference.

If it's the same, then make sure that when you rip a track to mp3, you select the output sample rate as 44.1kHz or 44100 Hz, and not higher such as 48000.

If you want to try another encoder, you can try CDex click here freeware and no ads.

  swervy 11:01 28 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone for replying. I took Mr Nice Guys advice and downloaded quintessential which despite crashing first time around has worked perfectly in recording terms.

Thanks all again.

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