Poor Digital Video Capture

  nora123 19:22 04 Oct 2004

I have captured my mini DV footage using the Pinnacle Dazzle DV 80 software and hardware and i have the latest upgrades. I have selected the best capture quality and have then created the movie by burning to DVD. Again i have used the best quality settings.
On playback i find the quality pretty poor with movement sometimes juddery and the picture quite blocky at times, particularly with images of the sky. I expected the quality to be the same as the mini DV tape when played through my TV.
Although i know the information is compressed i still expected better than this. I would say the picture quality is better when the DV tape is recorded straight to standard VHS video. Surely this isn't correct? Or is this as good as home video editing quality gets? If so, how do proper DVD movies look so good? Will using a DV cable and firewire improve this?

  961 19:44 04 Oct 2004

Must say I don't know anything about dazzle.

But using a Sony digital video camera with a firewire connection and Ulead video studio 7, i can't tell the difference between the original through the Camera replay, or straight onto the tv set, or edited on the computer and then transferred to dvd and replayed through the dvd player into the tv

  easyrider 19:57 04 Oct 2004

Like 961 I do not know anything about Pinnacle Dazzle DV 80. I`ve used Pinnacle Studio version9 with a Sony DCR-TRV19E camera and captured via firewire and can not tell the difference from original.

  PA28 20:03 04 Oct 2004

Like the others I use Pinnacle - but the principle should be the same and quality should be excellent unless either the settings are askew or you have system limitations.

Does the software give you the option of capturing for eventual writing to DVD? If it knows what you're going to do with it then it will give you the choice of quality relating to that output (there's no point in capturing at DVD best quality if you're going to put it on the internet, for example).

I use a simple firewire card for capture and, like easyrider, there's no perceptible difference in quality (and I've got a 50" telly, so would notice it!).

  nora123 20:11 04 Oct 2004

Seems like most of you use a firewire with no problems. I'll give it a go. Any recomendations on which card to use for the best results?

  accord 20:16 04 Oct 2004

i bought a firewire card from pc world £30 for my JVC and its excellent. It included a lead aswell. Although the Digicam has usb aswell i only use the firewire as it downloads in pure digital whereas usb doesnt.

  easyrider 20:39 04 Oct 2004

They are all much the same all I suggest is go for a manufacturer you are familiar with and get the best you can afford, prices start from about £13 upwards.

  chugby 21:02 04 Oct 2004

might be worth first checking Pinnacle support/forums, also dont think Dazzle DV80 compat with firewire. click here(UK)/doc/key_features_uk.html&Product_ID=1427&Langue_ID=2&loc=spec&division_id=

  chugby 21:05 04 Oct 2004

... try again click here(UK)/doc/key_features_uk.html&Product_ID=1427&Langue_ID=2&loc=spec&division_id=

  nora123 11:48 14 Oct 2004

Thanks everybody. Bought a firewire card and everything sorted. Looks like i wasted £50 on the dazzle DVC 80 though. Never mind, you live and learn.

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