poor defrag

  mec13 07:53 26 Dec 2004

my system is a 2 yr old Ath 2.8,xp home,fairly decent spec, 160 gb hard dr, sp2 loaded etc. The machine seems to have slowed down a lot, admitantlly for the sake of our sanity my son has installed a couple of big games recently (half life etc)but this defrag problem was happening before these games were installed. After 'defragg' it reports some files could not be moved, the screen result shows a poor defrag, and this is with 83% of free space still left on the hard drive. If I click on the 'analize' button after a defrag, it tells me that I should defrag my system, but I've just done that! xp firewall, auto updates, and antivirus are all 'on'

  ICF 08:26 26 Dec 2004

Have you searched for spyware
with Ad-Aware
click here

  mec13 08:44 26 Dec 2004

I have spybot, and ad-aware installed and running

  jagx400 08:50 26 Dec 2004

Might help, run scan disc

  ICF 08:57 26 Dec 2004

What hard drive have you got? Each manufacture does a drive test program.Download it and do the drive test and see if your hard drive is on it's way out.

  €dstowe 09:07 26 Dec 2004

If the drive test comes out OK, try defragging with an independent defragger such as Diskeeper click here

I believe you can download a time limited trial if you only want to use it for a short while.

  mec13 09:11 26 Dec 2004

fisrt of all thanks for the quick responce al of you but I'm afraid all your suggestions I have tried and done, scan disc etc. The only thing that I had to replace recently was my dvd-cd drive, not because it failed, but the tray was cracked by me! but my defrag problem was before this unforunate mishap. We are actually light user of my machine(internet) although my son does like his latest game!

  jagx400 09:15 26 Dec 2004

Try uninstalling the games and then run defrag also run this after you uninstall to get rid of anything left behind click here

  €dstowe 09:15 26 Dec 2004

Do try Diskeeper. I've just checked the site and there is a trial download.

  User-312386 09:54 26 Dec 2004

what is the size of the files that will not defrag?

XP does not like defragging large files

  Gongoozler 10:20 26 Dec 2004

Diskeeper is a very good defragger. Diskeeper Lite is the free version, it works the same way as Diskeeper but lacks some of the features such as "Set It and Forget It" click here

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