Poor colour repro using Canon Printer & Scanner

  [email protected] 10:58 28 Aug 2008

I have a Canon Pixma ip5000 printer and a Lide 80 scanner. Recently my printing has not been matching on screen colours and also scanning is giving a pinky hue with browns instead of blacks and greys. Is there anything I can dfo about this? Thanks!

  howard64 11:36 28 Aug 2008

it may be a callibration problem - monitors have to be setup to show correct colours or what looks ok does not print ok - or you could have a dirty printhead on the printer if this has only just happened. You could look for an updated driver for your printer.

  [email protected] 12:36 28 Aug 2008

Thanks will check for updated drivers and also ink levels and clean heads through. If it's callibration how do I do that?
Will also have a trawl through the links- much appreciated thanks!

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