Poor colour on photo printing

  New Reader 20:40 29 Oct 2004

I am using a Lexmark Z42 printer. I put in a new photo cartridge yesterday for the first time and printed of 3 or 4 pages of photographs.The colours were very good (just as they appeared on screen) and I was very happy with them.However I removed the photo cartridge to do some other printing and today when i put it back in to print some more photos,the colour is all wrong.Skin tones are very green looking and backgrounds which should be orange are also a washed out green.I have done all the alignments and cleaned the print nozzles.A test page shows that all the colours are printing.Any suggestions?

  Gongoozler 20:57 29 Oct 2004

This sounds like the magenta cartridge jet is blocked. I don't know the Lexmark, but if it has integrated heads like the HP, stand the cartridge on a sheet of absorbent paper such a kitchen roll, and see if you can get the ink to start flowing.

  NickyK 00:55 30 Oct 2004

I have a leximark, though it isn't your one. AT thge risk of sounding exceptionally rude, have you made sure they are properly clickined in, with the cover-abover cliked down witoput force (they can be fiddly).

Most lilkey, you have gummy ink in your system. I think Leximark will provide advice on how to clean what we used to desribe as our printer heads. Otherwise, and probably most wise and easiest, you should have a printer function somewhere that permits you to "clean" your system. This will then autmoatically clean your printers and get the ink flowing.

This is a problem I am constanbtly been asked about - and I know nothing. But a good clean by your system often solves this problem.

  jack 09:37 30 Oct 2004

As already mentioned this is a head misfunction[misfire.]
Dol all the above, in getting the ink to flow
Make sure the cart is installed correctly.
Also make sure the CONTACTS are clean[The gold
bits on the side of the cart.] A finger print is enough to lose contact, therfore signal.

  Wak 09:53 30 Oct 2004

I would add to all of the above that when the cartridge is left in the printer, the print heads are parked on a pad to avoid them drying out.
If you remove the cartridge and leave it out in the warm atmosphere of the room then it will obviously dry out quickly thus clogging the print heads. Some printers may have a special parking clip at the back of the printer.
You could try standing the print head in 1/4" hot (not boiling) water in a saucer until cool and then stand on a moist paper tissue until the ink flows.
Another problem with removing cartridges is that you should really re-align them (in some printers) when they are replaced thus wasting more ink.
Very good refill kits for Lexmark are available from click here

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