"Polyphonic Wizard" - Software disabling router?

  SLIMMERTIF 08:01 07 Jul 2005


I could be in big trouble with a phone bill, but hopefully, I have found out after only an hour.

Does anyone have any knowledge about the following.

I have BT broadband, and use a BT Voyager 205ADSL Router, together with a wireless set up, so that I can use my laptop. My daughter was using the main computer, and said her friend used some free software to dl polyphonice ring tones. It was a trial version, and lasted for a week. She downloaded and installed the software, and then managed to dl several ring tones. Later on in the evening, we got booted off the net, and as it was late, I didn't do any research. In the morning, she tried to get on the net, but no pages would display.

I came home, and went to My Computer and checked the hardware, only to find thaat the router had a cross through it, along with the network card.

I have re-enabled these, and we now have access to the net fine, and I have un- installed the software.

However.... has it done any damage to my phone bill? Would ithave been able to use the phone to dial up. As far as I am aware, I don't have an ordinary modem in this computer. Sorry to be so vague, but !! Kids - free software and computers - just usually means trouble.

  Kate B 12:29 07 Jul 2005

I suggest disabling your daughter! Sounds as though you've caught the nasty but you should do a sweep with the various anti-spyware apps and AV software.

  SLIMMERTIF 08:13 08 Jul 2005

I wish I could at times - the trouble they can cause, kids and computers I mean!!

I have done all the cleaning I can, run Crap Cleaner, Adaware and also done a complete scan for Virus. Nothing found by AV, but some spyware that I have deleted. Lets hope it has all gone now, along with the program.

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