Police hacking

  Paul2008 11:32 08 Feb 2009

If the police are "allowed" to hack into private systems, is there any way either to stop this or to detect if this has happened?
How secure then are our firewalls and AntiSpyware softwares?
How can one defend oneself against this and other people who would try this?
Would invite any comments!

  MAJ 11:37 08 Feb 2009

This is the Helproom, what problems are you having, Paul2008?

  Clapton is God 11:40 08 Feb 2009

Why would the police want to hack into "private systems"?

What do you have on your PC which the police might be interested in?

Frankly, if they "hacked" into my PC they'd fall asleep with boredom after about 5 minutes.

Unless you have the entire NATO nuclear missile defence secrets on your PC, I think you can rest easy tonight.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:40 08 Feb 2009

Take a paranoia pill and a chill pill from Dr Morpheus. If they could hack into a system there would probably be a damn good reason. No one is likely to be remotely interested in you and everyone else's systems unless you were shady. Just password protect your router and sleep easy.

  DieSse 12:03 08 Feb 2009

If only surveillance by the state was always as benign as you two (Clapton and Gandalf) seem to be suggesting.

If the police, or any relevant body, want to see what it on my computer - they can jolly well get a search warrant and prove justification before a judge first. Until then they can stay out - whatever's in there is my business, not theirs to go trawling through.

  perplexed user 12:17 08 Feb 2009

What if they wanted to know if he or she had been mixing household waste with recycleable material? Or if he'd had a girl or boyfriend stay over that may affect his council tax, or worse still if plans for a conservatory reside on his laptop? Surely these are all things to consider in this Stalinist state where fear equals control?

  perpetual motion 12:29 08 Feb 2009

Gandalf has the best reply TBH if they was monitoring your PC they would have a damn good reason too, they wouldnt be monitoring it it ur looking at adult sites "within Reasons & Boundarys" or downloading files via Torrent/P2P...i would of thought it would be more based around accessing other peoples banks/Ebay Etc accounts then they'l simply take your pc from you & view the TOTAL contents of your HD then if they have proof youve been doing the naughty it will be more than a "Slapped" hand you'l get...say bye bye to ur pc & possably Net connection...
At the end of the day it doesnt matter WHAT antivirus or firewall you have they have some of the best in the buisness & if they wanted to access your pc they could...failing that just turn up @ your door & take it....you cant do a thing...so just keep to the boundry's....

  Fingees 13:55 08 Feb 2009

They don't ever hack onto computers.

However they are entitled to receive info from your ISP, regarding contacts etc, but only with a warrant and just cause.

There again if they hadf just cause, they could take your computer and analyse it ..

So unless you are a suspected terrorist, or some such. Don't worry.

  Paul2008 14:03 08 Feb 2009

Thanks guys for replying to my little bit of privacy paranoia.
It was related to the article in the magazine.
I think Gandalf gave me the best informed answer, and my issue was more about invasion of privacy rather than me having anything that might be "secret" on my system.
For Maj - I assume your answer was "tongue-in-cheek".

  woodchip 14:06 08 Feb 2009

Then question is not what they can do, but have you something to hide

  ol blueeyes 14:38 08 Feb 2009

I hear on the Radio this morning that the Government are installing a Database recording every persons Flight in and out of the UK> So when you go on your annual Hols to Sunny Spain Mr Brown will know about it. He will keep these details available for between 6 - 10 Years.
Instead of Mr Brown perhaps we ought to cther.
Another thought his country of ours is Broke so where does he find all the Money from ?

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