Police Central e-crime Unit ransomeware

  ollybolly2 11:15 12 Jul 2012

I have been infected by Police Central e-crime Unit; for anyone who does not know this malicious piece of malware, it hijacks your computer, locks it and demands £100 to unlock it.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this evil menace? I started using this method - http://malwaretips.com/Thread-Remove-Police-Central-e-crime-Unit-PCEU-Alert - but can't get beyond early stages. It involves downloading Kaspersky recovery disk (creating it with ImgBurn). When I try to follow instructions: Configure the computer to boot from CD-ROM. Use the Delete or F2 keys, to load the BIOS menu, I don't get the BIOS menu.

I have a Dell Inspiron 620 running Windows 7. Am completely freaked by this and will be eternally grateful to anyone who caan help. I'm afraid my technical expertise is distinctly limited!

  KRONOS the First 11:23 12 Jul 2012

As I do not have a Dell PC so I cannot tell you wich key to tap to enter the BIOS. But try some suggestions here. Enter BIOS.

  Nontek 12:13 12 Jul 2012

Have you tried running MalwareBytes?

  ollybolly2 12:20 12 Jul 2012

Thanks Chronus, and apologies for delay. Have tried using f2 as per your website suggestion but don't get the same Boot Menu as illustrated in the website stages I have been trying to follow. What I do get is Set Boot Priority which gives me the choices of 1st boot through to 6th boot. Also get Hard Disk Drives as option and CD/DVD ROM Drive. Selecting the latter, I get 1st boot [disabled]. This may well be an equivalant of what I'm expecting but I'm too stupid/ignorant to recognise it and know what to do.

  ollybolly2 12:24 12 Jul 2012

Nontek, I don't have Malwarebytes - is this something I could download on the laptop I'm using while pc is disabled and then transfer it by memory stick to pc in safe mode?

  birdface 12:44 12 Jul 2012

Yes you can do that.Another one that works well in safe mode is Hitmanpro so if malwarebytes finds nothing try that

  lotvic 12:52 12 Jul 2012

Instead of F2 try the boot menu on F12 or F8

  Nontek 13:22 12 Jul 2012

As buteman says, Yes you can. After downloading MalwareBytes and before putting it on the memory stick, make sure you Update it.

  ollybolly2 13:28 12 Jul 2012

Buteman, downloaded Malwarebytes but could not transfer installed program (also did not know how to disable Avast! antivirus when installing/updating). Have therefore transferred the download and installed it on infected computer, obviously not fully updated. It has not worked. Can you suggest what I was doing wrong transferring (I simply transferred the whole Malwarebytes folder)to the memory stick?

  ollybolly2 13:33 12 Jul 2012

lotvik, f8 gets safe mode and f12 gets the same as f2, I think - have tried so many times I'm a little confus ed and I'm trying to reboot as little as possible as if I cock it up and it reboots in normal mode I end up with locked computer and have switch off using the power on button

  ollybolly2 14:21 12 Jul 2012

Am having problems with both Malwarebytes (i discovered how to disable Avast!)and hitmanpro. Despite updating Malwarebytes on laptop, when I transferred it to infected pc I get message saying it's out of date by 9 days. Thought I'd screwed up so repeated whole process, still get the same response.

Hitmanpro says it can't work on infected computer because there is no internet connection.

Any ideas my friends? (Am running full scan with Malwarebytes - no idea how long that will take, previously only did the quick scan - will obviously report back on results when it's done)

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