User-8FD8C4BB-3941-4689-9A91DB1BAD0893F3 10:12 15 Oct 2003

I am connected to a Windows NT 4 Service pack network, we have security on the network for example cant see the run command and control panel on the start menu. I have ran "poledit" on my machine to enable for me to se the run command and settings - control panel but how do you save the settings. As everytime i log off i lose them. Is it something to do with the User.man?



  OK Computer 11:55 15 Oct 2003

The policys are likely to be stored on your PDC and BDC servers. Chances are you wont have permission to access them.

how do you mean policies the user.man determines it dont it

  OK Computer 11:58 15 Oct 2003

unlikely, as far as I know it will be a ntconfig.pol

are you using thin client?

my machine is windows 98

  OK Computer 12:44 15 Oct 2003

so your policy will probably be local to your pc/laptop then.

user.man sounds like your using a mandatory profile instead of a roaming profile. not sure how you would change this.

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