Polariod Media Backup

  Igglepiggle 13:18 21 Jun 2008

Hi can anyone help? I have just got a polariod media backup (photo edition) which I used to backup my photos from an old computer. Once I had done this I discovered that it would only back up from one computer and so I transferred these photos using the media backup to my new laptop, and then tried to backup all of the photos from my lap top (the ones from the old computer and any that were on my lap top). This seemed to work successfully until I tried to delete some pictures that appeared on the media backup which weren't any we had taken (they were already stored in the computer). Whilst doing this it crashed and I haven't been able to open the media backup since. When I plug the media backup in it seems to stop anything else from working. Any thoughts gratefully recieved!

  woodchip 13:21 21 Jun 2008

Whatever the device is, The Drive or memory is corrupt, Computer cannot read the boot sector. This is normally a result of taking the drive out or switching it off while files are being written to it

  Igglepiggle 13:23 21 Jun 2008

Thanks - is there anything that can be done to fix it?

  woodchip 13:30 21 Jun 2008

You may have to format the drive, If you do you will lose all files on it.

This one click here ? So its a Hard Drive in Windows what happens if you right click the drive?

  Igglepiggle 13:35 21 Jun 2008

That's it - the problem is that when it is plugged into the laptop, the laptop freezes and will not even let me open my computer or anything.

  woodchip 13:38 21 Jun 2008

Are you starting Laptop with it Plugged in or Plugging it in after???

  Igglepiggle 13:41 21 Jun 2008

i have done both.

  woodchip 13:48 21 Jun 2008

If you have a Floppy Drive, Download this Read the Site Info to get things going you will need to start computer with Floppy in Drive and the Drive connected to your USB. Set BIOS to boot first from Floppy disc, not forgetting to save settings before you exit BIOS

  Igglepiggle 13:58 21 Jun 2008

I don't have a floppy drive. Also (and sorry to be thick) I don't know what BIOS is - I am not very technically minded - just frustrated that what I thought would be an easy way to store photos has turned into a bit of a nightmare!

  woodchip 15:59 21 Jun 2008

BIOS is the System Settings when your computer is first starting up, you have to tap a key like Del to enter settings yours may be a different key. How to use BIOS is at bottom right of screen on most. You may be able to use a USB stick for Testdisk but you would still have to set the boot for it to start from it

  woodchip 16:01 21 Jun 2008

PS forgot you may also be able to create a boot CD to run it. But you need also to set the BIOS if its not already set to boot from CD.

Have you tried the Drive on another computer?

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