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  Ade_1 16:12 17 Jun 2008


I know this isn't strictly web-design however, I guessed that it kind of falls into it.

Basically I was wondering what the implications are to pointing my domain to my web hosting account. I am going to purchase a web hosting account from an American company and purchase a .co.uk domain from an English company. I don't believe that it is possible to transfer the domain to the new web hosting account therefore I will need to point it to it. Could anyone perhaps explain the implications of this?

Thanks in advance


  Patr100 23:41 17 Jun 2008

It can be "simpler" to have the both but I'd disagree that it is the best option - if you have dispute or poor service with the host and they are the same as the domaain company - your site could be offline for a long time. Domain comnpanies aren't without problems but usually they function on a fairly basic level, with similar prices, hosting services are much more complex and variable - also in price.

I would always keep the domaain held separately - use the domain control panel to change the nameservers to piint to the host - hosted on a monthly contract so you can pull out easily and change if necesary - There are issues over data protection laws etc but if you have any problem USA or UK based you simply switch to another host.

  Forum Editor 23:42 17 Jun 2008

with fourm member.

  Ade_1 15:21 18 Jun 2008

Thanks for the responses and information. That's very useful indeed. I have had a scout around and found myself a UK host for my web hosting now as I would rather not cause problems for myself with American companies, especially as it probably wouldn't be on a monthly contract.

One question that I would pose is that if I was to purchase my domain from one company and then point it to my web hosts, how would I go about setting up e-mail accounts? Would I be able to set them up on a control panel via my hosts or would I need some form of domain control panel from the domain name provider? In addition, would the web hosting disk space be used for those e-mail accounts? The reason I say that is because the domain would be pointed to the web hosting package.

  Taran 17:48 18 Jun 2008

If you point your domain using DNS to a hosting provider the default mail records will be in place to handle emails sent to any mail address tagged to that domain.

Your hosted account will have a control panel in which you can create the email accounts. The next step would be to set up your email client using the details you used in your host's control panel.

Assuming you set up [email protected]_domain.co.uk in the control panel and you configure your email client to talk to that account that's it.

Unless you put custom MX records in place to handle mail through alternate routes, email accounts are automatically tagged to a DNS pointed domain.

Email space should never be an issue unless you plan on handling vast numbers of large attachments.

As long as you regularly run a send and receive the mails (with attachments) will be downloaded to your personal PC and will, in that process, be removed from the mail server, unless you select an option in your mail client to leave a copy of the message(s) on the server. That is never a good idea unless you have a disciplined method of clearing them down regularly.

You can set up email account size limits in the control panel and you will be emailed when you approach the maximum permitted inbox size, so if nothing else you can always respond to that alert.

Web space should never be an issue unless you have an extremely cheap and nasty hosting provider.

I have entire websites of several dozen pages that take up less than 2 megabytes of total space used, including all images.

Bandwidth is something you should look into though - many cheaper hosting packages limit bandwidth and if your site is image heavy or if it features Flash, video or audio files you could easily exceed your available bandwidth and be subject to additional heavy costs.

You normally get what you pay for in hosting, so cheapest often isn't best.

  Ade_1 18:04 18 Jun 2008

Thanks Taran for that informative and detailed response. It had made the whole situation much clearer for me in terms of the domain pointing and e-mail. I did have concerns but you've put them to bed so to speak.

With regards to the hosting I don't have a huge amount of space but I am currently on 100mb which is now being not enough but I have a blog on that as well as numerous designs and whatnot hence why I am close to exceeding that. With regards to bandwidth I am getting more for my money and I am paying slightly extra a year for it, however, what I am getting should be more than ample.

Thanks for your help.

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