Pointer Not Always Moving

  scouser 10:47 11 Sep 2004

I have a TIME laptop has recently developed an irritating fault. The mouse pointer freezes on the screen for a time then suddenly starts working again. I have checked for viruses but there are none. I thought it might be overheating but the problem can arise as soon as I switch the laptop on. I am running Windows XP Home edition and have recently downloaded Service pack 2 OK. But I did have the problem before this, but it seems to be getting worse. Any ideas?

  Graham ® 11:42 11 Sep 2004

Is this the mouse pad or a seperate mouse?

  mbp 11:44 11 Sep 2004

What sort of Mice do you have? Rotating Ball, Optical, Finger, Radio, what else is there? I have an optical mouse with 4 buttons and a scrolling wheel. Yes, the differential sensor for the mice occasionally suffers from PMR, and I have to give it a shot of steroids, i.e. pick it up, shout at it, run it across the pad violently to wake it up. It is fine after that. Not a permanent affliction! If it is a rotating Ball, clean out the fluff on the ball.

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