PoE confusion help required

  janus12th 08:36 13 Feb 2018


  janus12th 08:48 13 Feb 2018

Im looking into purchasing a NVR to run 2 cameras off just looking for the basic recording and being able to monitor the property.

my router is in a position that cannot really be accessed, however coming off the router is a ethernet cable leading to my pc which is in a more convenient area, can i unplug my pc and put the ethernet in the NVR and then replug my pc back into the nvr to get internet access ? im confused if the pc can be attached to a Poe socket.

is this the same issue if i buy a Nas and a switch can the pc plug into the switch with the nas and the cameras or do any of these have to go direct to the Router itself ?

Thanks in Advance

  alanrwood 10:17 13 Feb 2018

if you purchase a unmanaged switch and connect your router output to it then any other item (including a NAS Box) you connect to it will connect automatically to the internet via your router. You will also retain wireless access to the router exactly as before.

  janus12th 11:24 13 Feb 2018

Thanks Alanwood , i was worried things like the pc would draw power from the poe switchand be damaged i assume this not to be the case ?

is the router output a specific connection on the router or any ?

  janus12th 12:08 13 Feb 2018

as a seperate note - will i even need a switch if i go the nvr route or could i just connect the nvr direct to the router and then plug everything into the nvr including my Pc would that work ? ie would the nvr act as a pass through for the Pc

  mrcalif 13:48 13 Feb 2018

im confused if the pc can be attached to a Poe socket.

That’s dependant if your NVR. Which you have not given the details, has a Passive or Active POE Network Switch.

  janus12th 14:13 13 Feb 2018

As i havent purchased the nvr yet to enable it to work i assume it would need passive for the pc and active for the cameras

  mrcalif 15:49 13 Feb 2018

Let’s put it this way. If you have a Active POE Switch it will detect if it needs to put the voltage down the cable. If it Passive. It will always put the voltage down the cable.

  janus12th 16:01 13 Feb 2018

here is a link to what im looking at click here

my plan is this and feel free to throw any ideas at me good or bad im going to unplug the ethernet from my pc and plug it into the nvr above then all the cameras go into the nvr - to enable me to view whats happening im going to have to get a vga splitter for which i will plug both the pc and nvr into so i can use my pc monitor for both uses as there is no way to run a hdmi to my tv downstairs, this just leaves me with the issue of not having any internet access for my pc ?

  mrcalif 17:24 13 Feb 2018

By a cheap four port Network Switch. Plug your existing Ethernet Cable into the Four Port Switch. Then Plug your PC and NVR into the Cheap Four Port Switch.

Bingo. No need to worry about POE Voltages to your PC.

  janus12th 09:38 14 Feb 2018

Thanks Mrcalif

i assume unmanaged as Mrwood Said

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