Pocket PC Synchronisation Problem

  kaz1901 22:45 06 Feb 2005

My Dell Axim 5 Pocket PC will not synchronise witl Outlook Express. I am using 'Microsoft Active Sync' with no success. Any solutions????

I have ensured all the correct boxes are checked in the settings!!!

  Muckle 22:57 06 Feb 2005

I'm not sure Outlook Express is an option, mine synchronises with Outlook and all works well?

  kaz1901 23:01 06 Feb 2005

I thought all versions of Outlook were entirely compatible with one and other and any software associated likewise??

  ton 23:03 06 Feb 2005

I also use Outlook (which was supplied with my Ipaq) with no problems.

As Muckle mentioned above, I don't believe Outlook Express is an option.

  Muckle 23:14 06 Feb 2005

Outlook Express is not a 'version' of Outlook, the two have developed quite independantly.

  kaz1901 23:19 06 Feb 2005

Confused now!!!!!!!!!

I have just set up Outlook and sent myself a test email, it works but I still cannot get it on my Pocket PC.


  ton 23:54 06 Feb 2005

Have you got the inbox ticked in Activ Sync?

  kaz1901 20:02 08 Feb 2005

I have ticked the inbox!!!!!!

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