Pocket Co Pilot Sat. Nav. doesn't work in Renault?

  Simmpy 08:36 24 Oct 2004

I previously had a BMW and was using a Compaq iPAQ with a Pocket Co Pilot sat. nav system. It worked a treat. I now have a Megane Renault Sport and the system cannot find the satellite from inside the car, step outside and it finds it straight away. A colleague has a Laguna and it won't work inside that either. Has anyone any ideas? I have contacted Renault and they have been useless, now there's a surprise!

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:29 24 Oct 2004

Do you and your Laguna owning colleague have the heat reflecting windscreen? My guess is that it is that which prevents your satnav from working.

  anchor 14:01 24 Oct 2004

I agree with Mr Mistoffelees. It is well know that this type of windscreen is a problem; Renault do fit them on various of their models.

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The best, and perhaps only, solution is to fit an external antenna.

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You could also refer to your vehicle documentation to see if there is special area in the windscreen provided for toll card readers. If so, try placing the GPS receiver behind this.

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