PNY GeForece 5200 Ultra Problems

  DwayneDibbley 17:01 04 Oct 2003

I have just bought the above card and am having a few problems with it.

After using my PC for 1/2 hour or so (especially when playing games) the screen first locks up, goes blank and then reboots my PC.

If I am not playing a game (ie just using a windows application) the same happens, but the screen comes on again with the PC in safe mode with a message saying 'there has been a hardware failure' (or something like that).

I have tried the following
- Replaced card in slot ensuring fitted correctly
- Cleaned contact pins with eraser
- Checked all connectors (monitor, power etc)

I have an Intel Pentium III (1 Ghz) running Windows XP. All Direct X diagnostics say the card is OK and I have downloaded the latest drivers from the Nvidea website. I also have a 350W power supply, so this should not be an issue.

My previous card was a PNY GeForce 4200Ti 64Mb, which worked fine. In changing over to the new card are there any changes required to my PCs BIOS settings?

Please advise if there are any other areas you think may be a problem.

  mark500 18:13 04 Oct 2003

The FX5200 is a BUDGET card, The previous card was a performance model. Should have kept the first one.

  citadel 21:27 04 Oct 2003

you should remove the remove the drivers for the old card before installing the new one.

  Colin 22:04 04 Oct 2003

The card could be overheating. Have you checked that the card on the fan is spinning OK? Other than that, the card may be faulty itself.

mark500's response was helpful, wasn't it?

  DwayneDibbley 08:29 05 Oct 2003

I should say - I don't feel patronised at all!

  mark500 21:37 06 Oct 2003

I was having a VERY bad day and I apologise for my terse response.I meant no offence.

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