plz help, xp comp wont boot.

  second best 12:08 23 Dec 2003

hi, was fine for weeks, even months and i tried to boot up this morning and it wouldn't. tried to repair but didn't recognise my windows folder, so i just installed on my second drive. i now want to repair the original installation. can i do this, and how plz. thanks.

  stlucia 12:41 23 Dec 2003

Have you checked your first drive with Scandisk?

  Big Elf 12:46 23 Dec 2003

Download the disk testing utility supplied by most manufacturers to confirm whether the drive is faulty or not.

  second best 10:04 24 Dec 2003

i have run scan disk, ,but there is no disk checking programme.

  Big Elf 12:32 24 Dec 2003

Do you know the manufacturer of the disk?

  second best 11:29 25 Dec 2003

big elf, it's nikimi. i have looked before and they don't have anyhting. i ca naccess my drive within windows. the new installation on the other disk.

  Rayuk 11:34 25 Dec 2003

Have you had a look in Disk Management for the drive or just My Computer??Also is it detected in the bios?

If I remember rightly arent Nikimi refurbished drives

  Big Elf 11:37 25 Dec 2003

Ah I see. They refurbish disks. They have a note on their site that states:

"There are however many software utilities available, which you should be able to use with Nikimi hard drives."

The seem to mention IBM and Hitachi a lot on the site so check out the Drive Fitness Tool on the Hitachi site click here

  second best 18:27 25 Dec 2003

when i trty to boot up, i gat the message; we appologise fo rthe inconvenience, but windows could not start proprerly. this may be due to a poor shutdown etc. etc. i get thte choice of; load normally, safe mode and all the others. safe mode doesn't work. neither do the others. although, i i select; start windows normally, i ge tthe splash screen, and it begins to load, but then i get a bsod, but only for a bout half a second. not enough time to read it. i have just used a seagate diag programme. there is a generic test on there also. the drive seems to be fine. except the serial number is just a collection of zero's. the drive size is reported correctly, as is the name of the drive, jst the serial no is wrong. i'm going to try unplugging the other seagate from the ribbon, and see what happens.

  second best 18:29 25 Dec 2003

rayuk, the drive is nearly 3 yrs old. the fact of the matter is i have threads in this forum going back 3 yrs. had lots of problem with the machine locking up all the time. looks like it was the temp, ,but i sort of have that sorted now. dismantled my system to get loadds of air thru it.. temp is still around 46-50+ under load.

  Rayuk 18:55 25 Dec 2003

Can you see the Nikimi drive from the 2nd drive you have installed the os on?if so you could transfer any data you need to keep onto this one just in case anything you do loses the drive completely.

You dont say what Windows you are using.As a last resort you could try installing over itself though I think you loose all the programs you have previously installed[thats why I advice to try and copy over any data first]

Try Google
"repair MS Windows installation"
Dont forget the MS as I have just done or you will get double glazing out of your ears

Good luck

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