plz help-disabled xp services. need msconfig!

  second best 14:43 18 Sep 2003

hi, i unwittingly disabled xp pro services last night in a bid to iron out a freezing problem. now i can't access the run command in the start menu to access msconfig to restore all the services i disabled. i have managed to enable the internet and a few network applications but i still can't activate the run command. can anyoe tell me what i might have done, and how to fix it

  sil_ver 14:49 18 Sep 2003

Have you tried restoring to last known good config?

  second best 15:04 18 Sep 2003

beta, it found 2 files but none of them would open. sil_ver i have tried last know... but no joy there either. i really need to know what i can do to reverse what it is i did. there must be an answer out there :(

  cool_britannia 15:06 18 Sep 2003

can you access services.msc from the run menu

  second best 15:10 18 Sep 2003

yes cool, i can. this is how i manged to reactivate the new#twqork setting so i could connec tot he internet, but i used admin tools in control panel to get here. if all i can do is go thru them one by one, then i guess tha's what i'll have to do , but thought there might be a quicker and easier route. i don't know what i need to enable to be able to access msconfig.

  cool_britannia 15:14 18 Sep 2003

click here should help you out

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