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  montrachet 14:13 02 Jun 2011

Hi I am going to sign up with Plusnet for my broadband. Mainly because they offer a monthly contract and I will only need the service for three months at a time. (It's a holiday home ) I am a little concerned about using their modem/router in that I cannot speak with their technical people until after I have signed up. Unfortunately the sales person was unable to answer my questions. Does anybody have experience of their modem/routers and can offer advice or point me in the direction of a good one that works well with Plusnet.

I will be having a standard broadband connection-no fibre optic available in my area. The computer is a Mac Book Air.

Thanks in advance.


  ashleycardwell94 18:53 02 Jun 2011

just type in what you need to know...

  montrachet 19:48 02 Jun 2011


I am sorry I do not understand your response. Is the following OK. That is my question.

Does anybody have experience of their, 'Plusnet', modem/routers and can offer advice or point me in the direction of a good one that works well with Plusnet.


  ashleycardwell94 20:11 02 Jun 2011

any router should work fine. they might even provide one. They will provide you with a username and password so any router should be compatible.

  Taff™ 09:00 05 Jun 2011

I`ve recently had a new router from Plusnet which is a Thompson TG585. Plusnet charge about £40 + £5 postage for this router which is ADSL2 enabled and I think you will have to pay up front for this if you take a monthly contract. It is very easy to set up and works straight out of the box as it is pre-configured. Altering the security settings is also very easy providing you know the basics.

You could of course use your own router if you wish.

I would check very carefully with Plusnet about the charges if you intend to use their service for only 3 months of the year. I think that there is a connection charge of £25 which has to be paid up front which is roughly the equivalent of 4 months broadband charges at £6.49. You will probably have to pay this every time you renew the service provision. Presumably you already have a permanent BT line in the holiday home and I suggest you look at taking their basic value package including line rental. (The latter being cheaper than BT for example.)

In the end you`ll probably find it cheaper to take out a 12 month contract. This would entitle you to the free router thus saving you £40. (The router cost is written off over the first 12 months - if you cancel the contract they charge you proportionately) If my maths is right the saving on the router is roughly 6 months broadband.

If you want to fill in any gaps in my assumptions I`ll gladly work it out for you. I refer several of my friends to Plusnet which earns me a reduced monthly broadband bill. Another good reason to consider using them!

  montrachet 17:39 06 Jun 2011


Apologies for the delay in responding.

Thanks for your comment I will probably go with that. I was just trying to determine the reliability of their modems as so many modems have bad press in the forums.


Thanks very much. I have to say I hadn't looked at the ramifications of taking a contract for three months or putting the cost against one year. I will now do that especially as if I buy their modem it will effectively be free. And then if we return to the house for a short stay during the first year I wont have to shell out for reconnection.

I had taken the £25 reconnection charge into consideration but obviously not thought through the whole thing. I will now do that.

How can I get you to recommend me then you can add that to your reduced charge. But only if it won't cause any repercussions on this forum.



  harps1h 15:09 15 Jun 2011

also if you take out the 12 month contract there is no £25 connection fee. You can use any modem/router you choose as they are not sniffy about this. Saying that though, if you are not tech minded, £40 is reasonable for a modem which will be pre-configured and work straight from the box

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