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Plusnet fee increase, seems unreasonable

  rickf 13:21 17 Jan 2020

Hi All, Are you with Plusnet BB+Phone line? If so have you had an increase recently? Was paying about £22 monthly but it's bumped up to £30 since 2 months ago. What is the best tariff your experience. I don't want to change ISP if I don't have to. Been with them since the beginning. Any suggestions welcome, thanks.

  john bunyan 13:53 17 Jan 2020

I was with Plusnet super fast bb , with line from BT (costing £22) at £22.45 a month, switched a year ago from Talk Talk who wanted £27 for up to 11 mbps. I was paying BT £ 22 a month for line only and about £12 a month for calls ; now my costs in total are £56. Just agreed a new contract with Plusnet for a new contract for phone line, super fast bb at £26.99 . Added £9 for all U.K. and many international calls up to 1 hour each so total of £35.99 compared with current £56. The increase was from £22.49 bb only to £26.99 including line rental so for me quite economical.

  rickf 14:01 17 Jan 2020

Thanks John. Will try to get on another tariff/contract.

  john bunyan 15:03 17 Jan 2020


Look at BT offers to use as ammo. They (Plusnet) are offering discounts to new customers; make them match that. Good luck.

  x13 10:11 18 Jan 2020

rickf well your post got me off my backside to do something. I was also with BT phone (cheap tariff) and Plusnet BB. Only can have the up-to 36 Mb/s speed though. Price had increased to over £27 p/m. for broadband only so gave them a call this morning. Had to change phone provider to Plusnet and 18 month contract but they price matched TalkTalk's £21.95 p/m. Will do the same in 18 months time if alive and well!

  rickf 10:18 18 Jan 2020

Good to know. I have yet to yet to get off my backside and give them a call but will do next week.

  john bunyan 10:58 18 Jan 2020

I get about 59mbps download and 18mbps upload with Plusnet super fast bb . I am about 450m from the cabinet. I partly went to them as their call centres are all in U.K. , unlike BT or TT. They arranged the switch of phone line for 31Jan as they are part of BT if a separate company. I don’t usually like longer contracts but this time I went for a 18 month fixed price one. They say my wife could take it over if I don’t make it that long!

  rickf 13:54 19 Jan 2020

Got swap back to where it was. No problem. They were very helpful.

  rickf 13:56 19 Jan 2020

BTW, may you all stay forever young.

  x13 15:00 19 Jan 2020

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