plusnet email problems

  Costa30 17:59 20 Nov 2006

I have two domains in addition to a default plusnet domain and today attempted to blackhole them.
I know I made mistakes but the result is no email and no easy way to see how mailboxes for the additional domains are set up.
I then try trawling thru all the help pages, some help but not enough.
So I try phoning the help line no use just left for ages no hint on likely wait time
Are all ISPs as bad? Or is there a good ISP out there with decent telephone support on the odd occasion you need it.

  Taff™ 08:06 21 Nov 2006

PlusNet are better than most however they do get very busy in the afternoons and early evening like all the other ISP`s.

By "Domain" do you mean mailboxes? What do you mean by "blackhole"?

  Graham. 08:26 21 Nov 2006

PlusNet call stats click here

  Costa30 12:47 21 Nov 2006

By blackhole PlusNet block all email not addressed to a set up mailbox, so avoiding spam that is normally a delivery failure at a made up box on your domain. My problem is that I have the default plusnet domain and two additional personal domains. It is not at all clear how to set up mailboxes on the personal domains, which are the ones I actually use.

  Taff™ 15:25 23 Nov 2006

The Plusnet help is very good. Log in and go to help & support. There are several different help pages regarding setting up mailboxes and registering or transferring domains to PlusNet.

I`m not exactly sure which is your problem and I don`t recommend posting details of your "domains" or e-mail addresses here but if you want to drop me a personal message via the yellow envelope I`ll try to assist.

  Costa30 15:44 23 Nov 2006

Thanks Taf. Eventually I got sorted out after waiting on the helpline for nearly an hour for a reply. They agreed that the help pages could be clearer where users have there own domain. It was my error in the end.

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