Plusnet e-mail bulk sending problem

  Ikarus 10:21 05 Mar 2013

A colleague with Plusnet as his ISP cannot send bulk mail. Neither can he reply to all addressees in a bulk mail he has received. He has tried copy and paste but this does not work either. He needs this ability to send to up to 70 addressees at any one time. Is there a way of doing this with Plusnet or are there restrictions placed on the number of addressees in any one mail?

  Woolwell 10:31 05 Mar 2013

Many ISP's have this restriction created because of spammers. There are ways around it. You'll need to wait for others to advise.

  Ian in Northampton 11:48 05 Mar 2013

This from here:

  1. Is there a limit to the number of recipients of an email?

No, but to try and reduce the impact of 'spam' email we use a process known as 'tarpitting'. This allows us to offer fast delivery of email while relieving the strain on our email server by applying slight delays to the delivery of email if you are sending a lot of emails or you are sending emails to a lot of recipients. Most users will not notice any kind of slowdown in mail delivery due to the tarpitting process. More about 'tarpitting'.

  Ikarus 09:44 06 Mar 2013

Thanks for the replies. However, the question still remains, why is it not possible for my colleague to copy a bulk mail list into his address panel? Any further suggestions, please?

  wiz-king 13:48 06 Mar 2013

What email client is he using? Or is he using webmail?

  Ikarus 10:37 07 Mar 2013

wiz-king I am told they use the "standard Plusnet" e-mail - they are not particularly tech savvy! I assume that Plusnet is a webmail service.

  Ian in Northampton 10:57 07 Mar 2013

Ikarus: yes, it is, although I've rarely used it directly. All my email downloads to my Outlook account.

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