Plusnet. Any good?

  Chaz10 20:13 13 Jun 2005

I'm with pipex at the moment paying £23.44 for 512 connection Plusnet are doing a 2mb connection for £14.99 a month
click here
Anyone use them and what do you think ie migration times, reliability etc.


  PurplePenny 20:26 13 Jun 2005

We've found them good and reliable; don't know about migration times.

A word of warning about the 2mb connection - it won't happen until BT upgrades your exchange so you might not get the faster speed straight away.

  sinbad1 20:33 13 Jun 2005

i've been with pipex for some time now 2mb wireless connection unlimeted for £30 you should look at the offers within pipex.

solo is 1mb for £14.99

  absent 20:49 13 Jun 2005

I have been with plusnet for more than two years and would recommend them.I think new customers get the 2mb immediately, existing customers have to wait their turn unless they pay £15 to jump the queue as I did. Also as I understand it when your exchange is upgraded to 8mb you will get this upgrade for free.

  Chaz10 20:56 13 Jun 2005


Do you pay £14.99 or is it to attract new customers, then they hike the price up next year


  Graham ® 21:09 13 Jun 2005

I pay £14.49 a month for 2M, as I have 1 referral.

  Chaz10 21:10 13 Jun 2005

whats the referral lark?

  TommyRed 21:23 13 Jun 2005

I'm with Plusnet and have upgraded to the 2mb service. Your usage is limited to 2Gb which I found wasn't enough especially with the kids downloading god knows what, so I changed to a 4Gb usage for £17.99 per month plus I can change back if I then find it's to high. Remember your usage includes uploads as well as downloads if you are using a file sharing program. HTH TR

  Chaz10 21:39 13 Jun 2005

Hi tommyred

I rang plusnet and they said that there were no download limits..........are they lying me thinks
I'll ring them now

  jessie .x..x.x 21:43 13 Jun 2005

I have been with Plusnet for over a year and they are fantastic.
Never any problems with connection etc.
Customer support very helpful and answer the phone quite quickly compared to some others.

Top marks from me 10/10

  Chaz10 21:50 13 Jun 2005

just got off the phone and they say that any fileshare including apple ipod will be unusable.......not so good i think

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