Is plusnet any good

  Nessie 23:19 02 Sep 2004

I am with nildram and can go up to 1gbs connection on 6th September. Nildram charge £24 but plusnet charge £15 for exactly the same service. Are they any good as it seems a bit cheap though I would be happy to go to them if they are OK. Seem alright on adsl guide but that is just download speed not support, outages etc. Any thoughts from you plunet customers out there. Thanks nessie

  Nosmas 00:06 03 Sep 2004

I have also been with PlusNet of over a year and, like the previous two posts, have found them to be excellent. Telephone support has always been very quick and helpful. No hesitation in recommending them.

They have recently restructured their pricing and I have just ordered a 'regrade' of my present connection speed from 512k with unlimited (Premier) bandwidth at £21.99 p.m. to 1.0Mb capped at 1GB bandwidth per month for which my subscription will be REDUCED to £14.99 p.m. I feel I do not need a large bandwidth at the moment, but if I exceed the 1GB they will just bill me for the excess. If I find I regularly need more than 1GB I can then upgrade again at £1.75 p.m. for each extra 1GB. Have a look at their site click here and see the various 'mixes' of speed and bandwidth that are available. They have also introduced a facility to monitor the bandwidth usage, and they will advise you when you are approaching the included limit you have chosen.

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