Plusnet, 512k day, 2M night, what game it plays?

  TomJerry 19:45 21 Apr 2005

I find very fanny recently with my Plusnet BB. The connection speed is 512k during day, but I got 2M after midnight and sometime early evening.

I am paying for 512k service, so 2M is very welcome. Just wonder why Plusnet give out 2M connection in late night.

Anyone know anything? Hope I get 2M all day in future.

By the way, I like Plusnet very much, with them two years, never have any problem.

  Graham ® 20:43 21 Apr 2005

Not sure you can say fanny on here. You should ask your question on their ADSL forum:

click here

  TomJerry 20:54 21 Apr 2005

bad spelling, spell checker really is bad thing

  absent 21:01 21 Apr 2005

All plusnet customers are eventually going to be upgraded to the max speed their exchange and line will support. I was on a 512k product but now am 2m. The downside for some is the amount you can download, I pay £21.99 and am allowed to download up to 30g per month.

  Nosmas 21:27 21 Apr 2005


I am also with PlusNet and have always had good service from them. Their CS staff have also been very helpful whenever I have need to query anything with them.

Re your increased speeds, this is part of a message I had from them on 18 February, did you not receive one like it?

"Dear Mr xxxxx,

Great news! Free speed upgrades to all PlusNet customers

Following BT's recent announcement that they plan to increase broadband speeds up to 8Mb across their local exchange network, we are delighted to offer free speed upgrades and a brand new product range for our customers.

From April, you will be able to take advantage of these faster broadband speeds as they become available, giving you a free-of-charge upgrade to the fastest broadband available.

BT is working hard to ensure that as many people as possible are able to receive the maximum available speeds. Further, BT Wholesale's changes enable us to determine our customers' actual speed setting, instead of this being set at BT's local exchange."

When I spoke to PlusNet they told me that they are gradually applying these speed increases to their customers and hope to complete the job by July. Seems you are probably one of the first to be upgraded.

  TomJerry 23:28 21 Apr 2005

I also received the message. The Plusnet is upgrade capacity to enable upto 8MB service (2MB in most cases), but it does not mean they will offer the service to customers free of charge.

What I do not understand is why I get it after midnight, not during the day. It would be nice to get it all the time.

Can you test your speed after midnight to see if you get it?

  Nosmas 01:33 22 Apr 2005

Have just performed a couple of speed-tests (at 01:18hrs): -

PlusNet showed 960.40kbps equal to downloading at 120.05KBp/sec from their servers.

ADSLGuide showed 938 down and 243 up (Actual) which is an (estimated) True Speed (inc overheads) of 1013 down and 262 up.

So it seems I am not achieving the 2MB that you have recently.

Incidentally their message (which I quoted above) did say "....we are delighted to offer *free* speed upgrades...."

  TomJerry 09:58 22 Apr 2005


  Nosmas 12:18 22 Apr 2005

Up to last September I was paying £21.99pm for PN's ADSL Home Self-Install (Annual Contract). When they announced increased speeds AND price reductions I transferred to PlusNet Broadband Home Lite 1Mb (Monthly Contract, No Modem) with included 1GB bandwidth for £14.99pm. That service they now seem to be calling Broadband PAYG, but whatever the name it suits me fine. If there is any increased speed in the future it will be a bonus.

Are you still getting 2Mb after midnight?

P.S Any chance of a response to the emails I sent you yesterday and this morning? If you didn't receive them please let me know via yellow envelope or post another message in this thread.



  TomJerry 13:57 22 Apr 2005

can you send me last night's email again, I will try to answer it

  Nosmas 14:09 22 Apr 2005

Thanks for your response. Both emails were sent to you via the yellow envelope. This morning's was from this thread, and yesterday's was from my thread click here . In this morning's I repeated the text I sent you yesterday and asked if we could correspond directly by email to clarify a couple of points in the suggestions you had made in my thread.

Hoping to hear from you soon as I would like to get on with doing my system upgrade.



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