plugins do not initialise

  Gakeitse 21:17 11 Oct 2003

I often get the message that a plugin has not initialised. Being a mere amateur and not spending more than a few hours a day on my computer, I am mystified. I am not clear what plugins intended to be received over the internet are and why they won't initialise for me although I do try to read PC Advisor regularly.My computer is a 3 yearold model from Evesham, running Windows 98. It has a 20GB hard drive, of which I have used a mere fraction, RAM has been upgraded to 256 I think. Any information will be gratefully recieved!

  hugh-265156 01:25 12 Oct 2003

plugins for what please?

  Gakeitse 20:11 12 Oct 2003

The last one was a newsletter via an e-mail

  hugh-265156 23:34 12 Oct 2003

would really like to help you but im afraid in order to do so you are going to have to give us a bit more information please.

you can get all sorts of plug ins,some are for browsers like internet explorer,like click here for example.some are for burning programs like click here and so on.

a plug in will add extra functions/features to your software but just downloading any old one wont work unless you have the software to add it too.

what is the name of the plug in you have downloaded,is it for any particular program or browser,what is the exact error you see on screen and what version of windows do you have please?

  Gakeitse 21:10 13 Oct 2003

The latest was a newsletter I wished to download from a website - a newsletter I used to recieve by post. The message said 'plug in did (does?) not initialize properly.
I have had this problem previously when browing but it has not been that important at the time.
I run Windows 98.
I do not know what plug ins are or why they are needed, says she admitting her ignorance.
What software might one need for plug ins to initialise?

  hugh-265156 01:30 14 Oct 2003

well im still not sure what it could be you this internet explorer saying plugin did not initialize?

you may just need something like adobe acrobat to read a pdf file click here

can you provide a link to the website you wish to download the newsletter from,it will help us to help you,if you can please.

try updating windows as well click here which might help but i have really no idea.

very sorry bump!

  Gakeitse 21:02 14 Oct 2003

Presumably it was internet explorer gave me the message. I have at least one version of acrobat reader and can send pdf files.
The website was/is and i went to news and tried to download the latest newsletter. A friend with a lap top has managed to download it but I would still like to be able to do it on my machine.
Thanks for your interest anyway.

  hugh-265156 22:36 14 Oct 2003

if its the five links on this page click here they open with acrobat.i tried them all and are working ok for me with version 6.

see my link above.

  hugh-265156 22:43 14 Oct 2003

ps click here and type plugin did not initialize into the search box.

matches 2020 found :-(

  hugh-265156 22:52 14 Oct 2003

you might also want to try right clicking the link/save target as and download to a folder or your desktop,then try opening it.

  Gakeitse 20:41 15 Oct 2003

Thanks for all the suggestions Huggy. Thought I'd tried the search - but, being through and through English probably spelt initialize wrongly! I have acrobat reader 5 and that was also what my frined has on his laptop. Still, I'll try your other suggestions
The links were what I got originally and I'm still getting the same message!

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