Pluging disk drives into Main board

  Boots 08:57 25 Sep 2003

Its a long story so I will give a short version,
I have just got a new machine because I thought the old one had died of on board grafic problems but it ended up beeing a monitor problem. so i have tryed to get the old machine up and running the problem is it does not reconise any of the disc drives it fails bootup looking for floppy and I have tryed all options in the BIOS even going back to the optimal settings, while i had this machines cover of I changed the CD disk drives master / slave and I tieded the drive leads up and I unpluged them is it possible to plug the leads in 180 deg wrong. the machine has a socket 7 board and was new 1999 (budget machine 333). The only other thing that may be involved I inserted a grafic card in the pci slot and tried to start the machine before changing the monitor.
if you are still awake could you give me your thoughts on this problem. Regards Dave

  Gongoozler 09:21 25 Sep 2003

Hi Boots. Putting the graphics card in before changing the monitor or whatever could not have done any harm. Geneerally it is not possible to plug the hard drive (IDE) leads in the wrong way round, but check that the coloured stripe is next to the pin 1 mark on the board. It is often quite easy to put the floppy drive cable the wrong way round into the floppy drive, if you do this usually the drive lighht will be on all the time. Fortunately no harm is done, you just need to put it back the right way round. Try booting the computer with just the floppy drive connected and no hard drive or cd drives connected. Check that the BIOS is set for the first boot device to be the floppy and switch on with the boot disk in.

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