Plugging PC into phone socket,dial tone disappears

  abu892 14:27 11 Aug 2003

Odd problem - the PC is fairly old, with an external modem, and was working (i.e. connecting to the internet via dial-up) fine. Now though, with no apparent changes in the interim, whenever the lead is plugged into the phone socket (even when the PC is switched off) the dial tone disappears - there is no sound on the line. Therefore, if a connection is attempted it says 'No dial tone', although once the lead is removed from the socket the dial tone reappears. Anyone had similar problems?

  sil_ver 14:39 11 Aug 2003

Have you tried a different modem? Maybe yours has packed up.

  Taff36 14:43 11 Aug 2003

How do you check for the dialtone on the line when the modem is connected? Have you got a 2 into one socket with a phone attached?

Maybe its to do with the REN. There is a theoretical maximum number of apparatus you can plug into a domestic telephone system I think its four. Are you exceeding this - If so unplug another phone extension & try again.

  DieSse 14:44 11 Aug 2003

I't got to be either the cable, the socket, or the modem. A quick bit of experimentation should find which. Try the cable on it's own disconnected from the modem, that should tell you.

It's not unknown for the connector pins inside the socket at either end to get displaced.

Otherwise it's new modem time - they can't be fixed, and new ones are not expensive.

  graham√ 15:00 11 Aug 2003

As above, plug the modem cable into the socket and listen on another extension for dial tone. Then connect the cable to the modem. If the dial tone was there and it's now gone, it's the modem!

  abu892 15:18 11 Aug 2003

Thanks for the ideas everyone, I shall try experimenting. Taff36 - I check for a dial tone on an extension in another room; also, I have not added any more phones in the house since the problem occurred, so I don't think it can be this, although I shall try unplugging the others just to be sure.

Thanks again everyone.

  graham√ 17:00 11 Aug 2003

To clarify, Taff36 is referring to the Ringer Equivalent Number. This is marked on any device which plugs into a 'phone socket. Even phones with the ringer turned off should be counted.

If you exceed the 4 REN limit, the phones may not ring, and may even cause the fault 'Ring Trip'.

However, it will not affect the phones or modem in any other way.

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