Plugged in old pc after ~1.5 weeks, no video.

  Erwin Borger 21:21 02 Oct 2018


So i just replaced my pc, my old one was about 3 years old, i decided to give it to someone since i dont need it anymore, in the meantime all i did with it was unlpug it, put it somewhere else, unscrew the sidepanel, get rid of some dust with a dry cloth. now I just plugged it in to test it beforehand. but instead of what it usually does, which is fans go on full speed for about 1 second then go lower speed and the pc boots, what happened this time was fans keep going full speed and dont stop, lights come on normally, but no video signal. anyone have any idea what could be the cause of this or how i can fix it? thanks in advance. I have taken a look at the mobo, but all cables are in normally.

  wee eddie 00:17 03 Oct 2018

Re seat the RAM and the Graphics Card.

You make no mention of whether you are still getting a POST Beep

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