Pluged wireless PCI -now no video out ??

  Roscoepeko 22:13 19 Feb 2010

Hi All,

Wonder if you can help?

I had an old machine which was getting somewhat tired and whilst thinking of buying a new desktop to repace it it suddenly stopped producing a video out signal - would just get black screen on monitor.

So took the plunge and decided to purchase new pc ...all running well for 6 months until now. i decided to put the Netgear PCI WG311 in in from my old machine ...then I got the same issue as with my old desktop video output, I removed the card and still nothing. The monitor and cable are fine as i have plugged it into my laptop ? I have also tried my old pc again and stil no joy with that one.

Could the wireless card be faulty and blown my on board graphics?

Many thanks

  User-312386 01:15 20 Feb 2010

It sounds like the onboard graphics have been turned off. Disconnect the mains from the PC, open the side and you will see a small battery and some jumper pins next to it. Remove the CMOS battery and then take the jumper pin out and put it onto the next pin along. Now put the jumper back to the original and then replace the CMOS battery.

Plug the mains in and put the monitor cable back into the onboard graphics 06:13 20 Feb 2010

I would suggest you reseat CPU, the graphic card(if not onboard version), RAM, then power on the PC again.

Hope this helps!

  Roscoepeko 13:18 20 Feb 2010

Hey thanks guys... I will try both on my old pc 1st ....just to get some confidence ...if it works progress to the new one :-)

  Roscoepeko 15:32 20 Feb 2010

OMG !!!! sorted thanks test card and madboy appreciated:-) ...cant tell you how relieved I am

Thanks again :-))))

  User-312386 18:20 20 Feb 2010

No problem - What resolved it?

Let others know as they may have a same problem as you and may wish to resolve it as well!

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